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About the Artist

Meet Celina!

"I have always been captivated by the beauty of the natural world, and love working with my hands. As someone who has done art their entire life, it felt like a natural progression to start incorporating wood into my art. Wood burning quickly became my favourite medium. It allowed me to work with a material that is already so naturally beautiful, and gave me a way to express my own passions for nature and wildlife. Burning my art into wood creates a unique synergy between these two elements of wood and fire, and really allows the spirit of the art to resonate through the natural grain and colouration of the natural wood. The wood itself really becomes part of the art.

My art is not just a representation of nature; it is a homage to the often unseen and unknown sides of wildlife, exposing deeper connections, vulnerabilities, and unique behaviours. Through my work, I want to bring forth a deeper appreciation and respect for our natural world, but also a renewed sense of wonder and awe."

- Celina

Celina burning in studio
Celina Campbell self portrait

Celina is a self-taught pyrography artist, who began wood burning in 2021. Using live edge wood slabs, she specializes in realistic wild animals and plants, as well as domestic animals (pets) and special occasion themes. The majority of her works are custom commissions, though she also loves creating her own designs!

Celina will work with you directly to make your vision become a reality! Whether you have just an idea of what you are looking for or you have an image you would like her to directly reference, she will make sure your piece is tailored to you!

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