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Where               Brings Wood Alive



Discover the unique Award-winning hand-crafted art of Scotian Roots Studio, where nature-inspired pyrography transforms wood into stunning wildlife art! 


Embrace the beauty

of the natural world!


Hand-crafted with meticulous detail, each piece showcases the awe-inspiring majesty of animals and landscapes. 


Top Awards in 2023

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1st Place

Pyrography - Masters Level

NB Wood Carving Competition

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3rd overall

Best in Show - Masters Level

NB Wood Carving Competition

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Best in Theme

Masters Level

NB Wood Carving Competition

Experience the beauty of handcrafted wood burning art!

Enjoy timeless pyrography art that will elevate your space while creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Get custom artwork tailored to your vision! Contact Celina to discuss your ideas and she will work with you to make your vision come to life!

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