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Raccoons by the River

Project type

Wood Burning


May 2023

Known for their curious nature, which often results in hilariously frustrating thievery and destruction, raccoons are a fairly common pest animal in most populated areas. While most people can't get past their robber's mask and troublesome escapades, I had the pleasure of working with them through a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

The adults were fairly aloof and could be aggressive if approached, especially in the enclosures in which they were housed. The babies, on the other hand, had no hesitation coming up to you, touching your shoes and pants, and trying to climb you like tree. A raccoon's curiosity is very high and doesn't go away with age, it just gets tempered with caution.

Raccoons are extremely tactile and their hands have a large number of sensitive receptors to help them explore and learn about the world. Sometimes, this sensitivity is a little too much for them, so raccoons learned to start putting objects in water. The water helped to curb the sensitivity in their hands and let them feel things a lot better (like how sunglasses help us to see better on sunny days).

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