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A Mother's Love


April 2023

The love of a mama bear is fierce and powerful! Her strength allows her to protect her cubs from the most formidable opponents and her determination assures their survival and ability to thrive! Bears are amazing animals and it takes a lot of love and care to raise their cubs. And these mamas have to do it all on their own.

I wanted to capture the determination of the mama bear in contrast to the playful innocence of her cubs. I used the dark colour of the mama to make her blend a bit into the black background to add to her fierce protectiveness. It really makes the more lightly coloured cubs pop at the front of the image. The wood itself was also chosen specifically for this piece because of its light grain and so that I could use the edges as a part of the image. I wanted the cubs to appear as if they were climbing trees, so I used the live edges to create that effect.

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