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Family of Foxes


April 2023

Foxes are renowned for their independent spirit and love for small families. They are not pack animals and prefer to live in small families, which are commonly referred to as a "leash of foxes" or a "skulk of foxes." When together, they are extremely playful and will cuddle together to rest. Fox families are generally comprised of the parents and their kits and their bonds are very strong.

Foxes are one of my favourite animals, for their beauty, but also for their inquisitiveness, intelligence, and playfulness. This particular piece of cherry wood just called for a playful scene, with its oval shape and grain. The wood also had a couple of small knots that I wanted to incorporate into the image, so I decided to add a log that the foxes would be playing on and around. I specifically placed the foxes in ways that they would flow with the wood grain and so that the wood's natural beauty would shine through.

And as a finishing touch, I added light touches of wood stain to add a little contrast and richer colour to the piece.

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