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Wood Burning


July 2023

Chipmunks are adorable little forest critters that are fairly friendly to humans, as long as you have some food for them! They are very distinguishable by the black and white stripes on their faces and body and their small stature compared to similar animals such as squirrels.

For this piece, I found the image was inspired by the wood plank itself. With bark that seem to wrap in from the edges and a knot in the grain, it just called for an adorable little family. I wanted this piece to appear as if the chipmunks were on top of the wood, so I spent a lot of time on the texturing of the bark background to resemble and blend with the actual bark of the wood.

The chipmunks were also placed in a way so that they flowed with the grain of the wood. In nature, chipmunks can be hard to spot, so I wanted to recreate their ability to blend with their environment. I purposefully kept the contrast of their bodies with the wood/bark very low so that their stripes would be able to stand out.

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